Would you ever consider meeting up with a fan in Chicago for drinks or something? I only ask because I had planned to take a trip to Chicago with a friend before going to study abroad in Shinjuku. I only live four hours away. x]

it depends… i haven’t done that lol. meeting fans at anime cons and outside of them are different.

thou i did go to a fans birthday party, but only because it was in a public place, in a mall lol


Hello Joey I wanted to ask How did you get over the fear of people judging you and became yourself?

"The Sun is Yellow" ;D

I just looked at how happy I am and how sad (ppl who put me down) others were. when someone puts you down, honestly their just not happy with thier life. period. 

idk i guess as you get older you stop caring too. 


Though the Truth May Vary, a Bethyl Fanfiction

Here’s a preview:

“I’ve never had sex.”

She laughs, because it’s the only way to break the silence in the room. Daryl’s beyond wasted at this point, so she can’t tell if the blood running to his face is from whiskey or her virginal confession. Probably a combination of both.

Still, he’s coherent enough to raise the glass to his lips and take a drink.

“None of ‘em boyfriends was good enough, huh?” he manages, throatily.

She shakes her head. “Wasn’ that. Sex jus’ freaked me out.” She shrugs, and then laughs a bit more. Dear Lord am I drunk. “I mean, it doesn’ anymore. But too late now, I guess.”

He nods, slowly. He doesn’t look up at her, and keeps his eyes trained on the bottle he’s holding.

After a minute of silence, she goes, “At least tell me that I’m not missing much, or something like that.”

He snorts. “I ain’t gonna lie to ya.”

She nods. “Right. Well, I hope there are some guys at this Terminus place.” She takes another drink, just because she can. “It’d really suck to die a virgin.”

Read the full thing here.

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